A New Kind of Pizza Dough!

23 Oct

Whenever I give my kids free rein and make inquiry about them what they want for dinner, 9 general condition of affairs out of 10 the answer is “PIZZA!” — which means I sling a lot of pizza dough in my kitchen.

If you derive pleasure from making pizza at home, you be possible to certainly use a store bought dough — I bestow all of the time — but accept you ever tried making homemade dough? Intimidating? Totally! But later than making it once you’ll accomplish just how easy it is. After whole, you only need a few basic ingredients to impart a simple, delicious dough which bakes into bubbly, crispy maturity (and is also a ton of pleasantry to prepare).

Wait a minute, Catherine. This formulary is called White Wheat Pizza Dough? Isn’t happy wheat the same thing as of a ~ color flour?

That’s exactly what I thinking the first time I heard over white wheat, but white wheat is in thing done a naturally colorless whole wheat that has virtually the same nutritional benefits of the traditive whole wheat you are used to. Plus it has a milder smack than whole wheat, making it besides appealing to people accustomed to the participate in of refined flour. (Hmm, who could some of those people be…..kids as luck may have it?!)

You can use this nutritious dough to put in order everything from Pizza Balls, to Pizza Pinwheels, to my fave, Quilt Pizza (and by what mode to make it), which I give leave to my kids top with tons of vegetables control popping it in the oven. Give your concede little sous chefs that job and you’ve got some fun meal in store for everyone.

Mamma mia!


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